Hourly Maid Janitorial Building Maintenance
Hourly Maid Janitorial Cleaning Building Maintenance
Personal Maid were a luxury enjoyment for High income group but problem arise on this segment - being run away & too big a profits from recruiting agents.
We do the work, so you can concentrate on your business and create more time & value for your family and improve your golf strokes.
From General Maintenance to special event we are ready for 24/365 a year. We create our scope wide and multi industry.
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Periodic Cleaning


There come to a time, where you will hint a certain call for Periodic Cleaning in different outlets that have different needs and attention. Proper advice for different stain or job undertaking, Some of the stain many come from same area but different identical group, Dust Off may exercise their knowledge so call –
Stubborn Stain Remover Specialist in order to keep the outlet shine & good.

        Services We Offer                                           whom we attend

  • Carpet                                                             Office
  • Urine Stain                                                     Kinder garden/Nursery
  • Stubborn Stain on the floor                         Supermarket
  • Duck                                                                Restaurants
  • Leather Cleaning                                          Dealer
  • Signboard                                                       Shop lots                                                        
  • Spring Cleaning                                            Owners
  • Initial Cleaning                                              Realtors
  • Power Wash                                                  Car park
  • Day Porter                                                      Shopping Centre
  • Daily maintenance                                       Pub Cleaning
  • Electronic Banking Hall                               Bank Cleaning

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Move In / Move Out Window Cleaning Carpet Cleaning
Move In/Move Out Window Cleaning Carpet Cleaning
If you are moving in or moving out, we are the one-stop cleaning centre for all your cleaning requirements as we can organize floors, walls, windows, kitchens, ovens and carpet cleaning. Dust Off got access to the experience and technique of window washer. Inside or outside, it pays to get it right from the first time. The main reasons for carpet replacement are poor appearance, wear-out, damage and odor.